Geoff Hawkins - Photography 365 Strangers

A project to photograph a complete stranger for each day throughout 2009. Sometimes without their knowledge but mostly after asking permission.

Note the for. It quickly became apparent that if I rationed myself to one person each day, some days that special face was very hard to find, while on other days I had several faces that I found hard to choose between. So I amended my aims slightly and while I took photographs every day I sometime carried a picture taken on one day over to the next, rather than never show it and then use one less interesting.

A Complete Stranger
Here is my favourite for July.
On an evening stroll to the local shops I heard what I thought was a herd of small elephants behind me. Giggling elephants. I turned to find these three rogues following me. I can't explain the mix of ballet dress, riding breeches and fashion boots and I don’t know their names, but the faces closely resemble a couple of the young mothers in my street.


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